The import of green coffee involves some aspects that must be taken into account and treated with special care.

Each buyer has a series of requirements to which we must adapt to achieve the best service and offer the best coffees that meet their needs.

To know the needs of our customers is of great importance. Therefore, we encourage participation in events with activities related to the knowledge of the raw material. Meetings, talks, interviews and other activities are carried out periodically.

Regular visits help to keep track of imported coffees and check if the coffee meets the purpose for which they are intended to.

Constant trips to producing countries favour knowledge and close contact with our suppliers, helping us to identify different aspects of quality, responsibility, cultural, environmental or social. We encourage our customers to also know the origins, regions and producers where they buy their coffees with the aim of adding value to the products they sell.

In support of our work, we carry out specific training on the knowledge of the raw material.

We have the collaboration of professionals in the producing countries to give us the support of quality control and advice as well as their help in the training of our clients carried out in our facilities.

We offer our knowledge in the development of products and blends so that our customers´ products meet the requirements as well.

Our work is developed under the methodology of the SCA, establishing a minimum level of quality of 80 points for all the coffees that we import marking the minimum level for specialty coffees.

+84 points coffees are imported under the format of microlotes for specific clients and uses.

Consultancy and commitment | QA

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