Next courses call: September – October 2021


XORXIOS, S.L. Laboratory was first company in Spain certified as a Laboratory by SCA, in February 2015, becoming the center where most of Spanish Q-Graders have obtain their grades.

XORXIOS, S.L. has a large experience holding training courses, including Q-Grader Course guaranteed by CQI (Coffee Quality Institute), that fully satisfy all the students who rely on us.

We consider training not only a tool to get and share knowledge, but also to enhance and to add value to coffee production chain process.

Our training Courses are intended for all those who work on a daily basis in the coffee sector, from harvest to brewing, providing the necessary guidelines to learn how to assess and evaluate all coffee nuances.

Specific dates for next call regarding courses in September - October 2021 will be published soon.




Xorxios, as a specialty green coffee importer, is focused on direct and fair contact with producers, quality control and personalized treatment with customers.


Importers of green coffee since 1998. Our activity is based on three basic pillars:


ConocimientoFrom origins, regions, cooperatives, producers and raw materials.


ControlPhysical and sensory analysis of the coffees.


ServicioPersonalized treatment.

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