History and the team

history and the team

Xorxios was created in 1998 as a company dedicated to the import of green coffee. In the beginning, commerce focused on a single origin, Brazil, and in a single region that was once a pioneer in the creation of a denomination of origin and traceability of its coffees (Café do Cerrado). Currently the search for unique specialty coffees extends to the whole world.

We offer our knowledge of the raw material that is crucial in the coffee industry as never before. All coffee marketed by XORXIOS is thoroughly analysed by the people who make up our team (currently formed by three Q-graders) and these controls guarantee quality. Each sample received is analysed both physically and sensorially and our customers have this information according to their requirements to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Our conviction that quality is the path we must follow supports us every day in the search for special coffees. The constant trips to producing countries, allow us to know very closely the regions, cooperatives, farmers and exporters with which we collaborate.

Our goal is to make specialty coffee widely known and that coffee lovers are aware of the great diversity of unique and exceptional coffees. We simply can not look over the existence of cafés that would passionate us if they were tested.

Our model

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